When visiting the Clarion Inn Seekonk Providence, there are many sights to see! From historic attractions, to beautiful parks and something for the whole family to enjoy! With easy access to I-195, nothing is too far for you to explore!

Seekonk Grand Prix

Our guests just love our awesome state-of-the-art facility. Bring your family, friends, co-workers or just yourself and enjoy a day of Mini-Golf, Go Karts, Video Games and more! We offer competitive fun at an affordable price. Ready, Set, Go... to Seekonk Grand Prix! Summer is upon us and there is no better place to spend it then at our new and updated facility! Seekonk Grand Prix provides competitive fun for everyone. Test your skills on our Slick Track. Glide around this one of a kind track designed to keep your wheels spinning!

Battleship Cove

At Battleship Cove, the past is at your fingertips. You'll thrill to the state-of-the-art special effects in the new Pearl Harbor Experience. The kids will love scampering around the world's largest collection of US naval ships and imagining dangerous missions aboard the mighty USS Massachusetts... the destroyer USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.. PT Boats in the South Pacific.

Historic Federal Hill

Historic Federal Hill is the “Heartbeat of Providence” and begins at Atwells Avenue, the great street that flows under the arch. Listen to the lofty church bells while walking the cobblestone walkways and shop at boutiques, visit the art galleries and dine in some of the finest restaurants in the country.

Bakeries and coffee shops are full of delicious breads and pastries and a must for that perfect cup of espresso or cappuccino. Enjoy dining and music outdoors in the great square with the grand fountain.

Newport Mansions

The Preservation Society of Newport County is a private non-profit institution dedicated to historic preservation. We invite you to come and explore our eleven properties, representing more than 250 years of social, architectural and landscape history in one of America's most historically intact cities.

Colt State Park

Colt State Park’s 464 acres of lawns, stone walls, and curving drives along one of the state’s most spectacular shorelines stands in contrast to one of Rhode Island’s charming, compact, historic seaports, the Town of Bristol. On July 4th, every year since 1785, the town of Bristol puts on America’s team colors and hosts a national celebration that’s actually older than the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. Fittingly, it was Rhode Island which closed that exercise, and the nation began.

Roger Williams Zoo

One of the first zoos to open in the United States, Roger Williams Park Zoo was founded in 1872 with a collection of small animal exhibits throughout Providence’s newly formed Roger Williams Park. Conservation and environmental education were unknown concepts at the time; the animals were simply on display.

Since then Roger Williams Park Zoo has grown both in terms of its exhibits and its mission. What started as a scattered collection of small animals on display purely for the purpose of entertainment has today evolved into “New England’s great zoo” (The Boston Globe) and one of our region’s foremost centers for conservation and environmental education.
The zoo houses over 957 animals representing 156 species!

Roger Williams Park

Since the 1890's, Roger Williams Park has been the premier playground for both Providence and Rhode Island residents. The park's 435 acres feature over 100 acres of ponds that weave their way throught the rolling landscape. The landscape includes specimen trees, the famous Rose Garden, and signficant outdoor public sculpture.

Major attractions include the nationally-recognized Roger Williams Park Zoo, the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium, the Botanical Center, the Casino, the Carousel Village, the Temple to Music, the Todd Morsilli tennis courts, and the Tim O'Neil baseball fields.